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Beautiful Darjeeling in Himalayas

01-Aug-21 196

         Himalayas are strikingly beautiful everywhere. However certain places are ever fascinating and among  them Darjeeling hill is called the Queen. I and Laxmi are enjoying it to the brim. I took some pics to capture its eternal beauty.
       The history of the town starts from the early 19th century when the colonial administration under the British Raj acquired it from Nepal (through Sikkim) and set up a sanitarium and a military depot in the region. Subsequently, extensive tea plantations were established in the region and it started growing top quality tea. Cool climate of Darjeeling led to its development as a hill station for British residents of mainly Bengal seeking to escape the summer heat of the plains.Sandhyadesh
     Darjeeling is famous for its narrowest gauge ( 2’) train service and is a world heritage. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway connects the town with the plains at Siliguri and has some of the few steam engines still in service in India. I travelled in it in childhood. At present it is closed due to Covid.
       The hills of Darjeeling are part of the Lesser or middle Himalayas at a height of about 6800’. Its soil is chiefly composed of sandstone and conglomerate formations, which are solidified as the great range of the Himalayas.
    I noticed that local Gorkha Nepali residents are unhappy to be part of Bengal. Its recent past of political agitations starting from Subhash Ghisingh is well known. At present As per Memorandum of Agreement signed between Government of India, Government of West Bengal and Gorkha Janmukti Morcha, Gorkhaland Territorial Administration ( GTA) has come into existence with objective to establish a so called autonomous rule.  
    As for present, I am beholden with its unblemished beauty.
    writer mr NK Tripathi is retd. IPS officer

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